Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Portugal baby yeahhh

So yea I'm back, have been back for 2 days already but been rather busy. So from my last post you guys know I went to portugal for holiday and it was awesomeeee!! :D I have been to Portugal many many times, perhaps 20 times? as all my dad's family live there, and ever time I go I still find portugal beautiful :) The weather was pretty much summer weather, 30 something degrees with beautiful sun :) 
So I'll let the pictures do the talking, although I barely took any pictures, and I only took pictures on 2 days really :L have been so packed with schedules meeting and staying with friends and cousins that I forgot to take pictures :L And most of the pictures are food and beautiful scenery
These are just pictures of the seaside of Lisbon 

The scenery from Marginal (the road we drive on nearly everyday, it was once the most dangerous road in Europe)

Me on the gran's balcony and the view from the balcony

Then me and my dad had a bit of a bonding day, just the 2 of us the whole day (excluding dinner) and it was actually very nice. First he bought me to a veryyy posh restaurant, probs one of the poshest I have ever been to. The lunch for the 2 of us costed €130
This is the view from the window of the restaurant, beautifullll :D

Was a loverlyyyy meal and everything was put so delicately :)

Then we went to a very very famous ice cream shop called Santini, I queued 15 minutes for this ice cream, i'd say was worth it :L

Strawberry selling on the streets, the strawberries were actually MASSIVE, a quarter of my face! and they taste lovely as well.

I went for dinner with some friends, and my friend bought a rose from the man selling roses in the restaurant, so i thought i'd do some cam whoring ;L

Also went to the beach, and this one was a popular surf beach so I pretty spent the whole day taking pictures of the surfers. And not gonna lie I felt like I was in the Portuguese version of 90210, the surfers were sooo attractive, and I swear all of them had 6 packs, i drooled ;L lol

Just a picture of me, nan and dad when I was 7 or 8? and you can see me in the reflection ;)

Lastly this is what I bought on holiday, had only one day for shopping so didn't get as much as I would liked.

This is the package from River Island that arrived when was on holiday

Ahh i missed him <3

So yeaaa hardly took any pictures but I had a lovely holiday and can't wait to go back on September for my aunt's wedding :D I'm currently on Easter holiday, have a lot of work and studies to do. But will be going to London on friday till monday to visit my best friend :)
How have you guys been? :)