Thursday, 31 March 2011

If the sun doesn't come to me, I'll go to the sun...

Ahahaa think you guys can tell my excitement there :L I'll be missing one week of college (which is reaaally not ideal, since I'm rather behind in pretty much everything atm :/ ) But yea going to PORTUGAL babyyy :)) I'll be visiting the fam, and going for my nan's 80th birthday (which means mother will be spending her birthday on her own in macau, blesss) plus passport needs renewing.
Anyways last time I been to Portugal was christmas of 2009 so I'm rather excited to see all my cous and friends :)  According to the weather man it was 26 degrees in portugal today so hopefully the sun will keep shining when I get there :) I'm going with my dad and we're staying at my nan's, which means no internet, I'll try to post new posts, but don't count my words on that :L
Today it was raining and gloomy, and I thought what better thing to do than hit town and do some shopping. As much as I love shopping with my friends, I enjoy shopping on my own more, especially on a rainy day (yes I'm a loner ;L ) Its just that you can look at things at your own pace and spend as much (or as little) time you want at a shop. 
I didn't buy much at all, and nothing especially either as I'm savin the haulin for the holidays :)
Just the necessities; legging, tank, a pink crop top and chiffon blouse.
Scrabble necklace from ebay, to accompany my 'C' scrabble ring :P
Ring from topshop, I bought this for a friend in christmas for £7.75 in christmas with student discount, got it for £3.82, scoooore :)
And yes I wrote 3 different train times on my hand and STILL managed to miss the train, had to wait in the station for half an hour aswell, wasn't happy

Have been really into rings lately, don't you guys keep finding yourselves go in and out something constantly? Currently I'm really into rings and bags. My last phase was boots and perfume. Whatever phase I go through, it does no good to da bank.

Also got this in the post yesterday, a pink satchel from ebay. Reminds me a bit of the Mulberry Alexa bag, I love the Alexa bag, but the price tag I cannot afford. So I went with this instead. It was £13 including shipping which I thought was really good. It was also very well wrapped and came with a 'dust bag'. I really like it as it is really soft as well. Think I might go buy another but in tan colour as pink can be hard to match the majority of my closet :)

Aaaand thats it for now :) Love + peace + lots of sun for you guys

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ok, I'm actually going to stick to it this time

I have been 'going on a diet' for like forever, but it never works, like ever. I just go oooo some ice cream and chocolate won't hurt, I'll just start tomorrow. I think i have been saying "ok I'll officially start my diet tomorrow' for the past 2 years now. This time, I actually want to do it and stick to it till I reach my ideal weight and figure, I'm sick of procrastinating and then hating on my figure and just be angry at why I allowed myself to become like this. I thought if I blogged about it, I will stay motivated as I'll be  monitoring my change, as well as sharing the results with all you guys.
Some background story, so I came to UK 3 and a half years. Back then I had such fast metabolism, ate all the crap I want and never gained any weight. Well then again I was also  a very active being back then. But ever since I came to the UK i put on 10kg, and I just see myself enlarging gradually, and my clothes not fitting me anymore. In my closet my jeans range from 3 different dress sizes, and I don't wear jeans anymore as it sucks to know you have once again outgrown those pairs as well. That really beats you down and is so disheartening. So yea summer is coming along, and I'm going back to Macau, when I went back during Christmas all my friends were like :O you are so fat. And yes it hurts, but then again I'll use it as a motivator. So when I go back to to Macau in summer I wanna be like boo yeaaaaaa suckas :L
So from today I'll start healthy eating as well as actually doing some proper exercise. I have already bought a workout DVD off the internet and am planning to go swimming weekly. 

Things I'm sticking to:

  • Daily exercise
  • No junk ie. chocolate, ice creams... (that's gonna be hard)
  • Eat less white bread and rice 
  • Drink lots of water
  • Try to restrain to 1500 calories a day
My goal? To lose 8 kg in 3 months

So let's get ready for da bikini season :D And good luck to those that are on weight lost journey as well, lets do this together :)
You guys have any suggestions and advice? :))

(sorry for the very very wordy post)


Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet...

...Make you wanna move your dancing feet. Gotta love some Bob Marley :)
Today I was walking around sleeveless, outdoors, sleeveless, in UK, in March, i know OMG :D Everyone in college was in shorts and t-shirts, soakin up the sun outdoor, just chillin :)

Playsuit from Hollister, boots are unbranded bought on holiday, sunnies from asos

A little itch ;)

Yesterday my package from ELF arrived, I ordered my things on Saturday night and got here on a Tuesday, I was impressed. It is the first time I've ever ordered from ELF, I've heard so many good things bout them in the beauty community I had to try it out, plus the products are only £1.50 to £3.50, will never break the bank too much. I ordered 14 products and was £30.50 which is awesome, and was qualified for free shipping. 
What do I think bout ELF? Its wither hit or misses, I did not like the luscious lipsticks and hypershine lipgloss as they were all sheer and sticky and all 3 of them look the same on my lips. Not too big a fan of the liquid liner and all over color sticks either. The all over cover stick was so sticky and hard to blend out and was not a fan of the smell. But I adore the flat top brush and the lipstick in classy. I will probably place another order soon to try out their other brushes, get some studio blushes as well as more shimmer facial whips.

What do you guys think of ELF? Any products I should try and what to stay away from?

Beautiful sunset
Bye bye sun, see you again tomorrow yes?

Monday, 21 March 2011

And so it starts all over again...

Yup it is Monday again and the week starts again, but today the weather was so sunny and lovely that just made me very happy. I was really enjoying my walk to college, not gonna lie I was skipping with joy, until I realized that college people were all driving past me :L 
On the way back from college I took pictures on the road side, just squatted on the floor taking pictures of the very pretty yellow flowers :) I have been getting rather into photography lately 

Look at that sunshine <3

On mondays I come home at 1pm, sooo I can enjoy a rather substantial lunch and not just a small pot of salad. I had one of my favorite noodles EVER. They taste sooo nice :)) And yes I do realize that the vegetables looks like leaves but I assure you it tasted nice ;) I added a pretty red leaf for decoration :)

5 minutes later....

Om nom nom all gone, and a happy Choi very full :)

Yes my dog is a camera whore as well :L

High waisted shorts from new look, jumper from republic, boots from animal and aviators from topshop

The best thing to do on a sunny day? TRAMPOLINE :D I mean sunny days aren't complete without the trampo
Whacking out all my moves on the trampo ;)

What do you like to do on a sunny day? :)


Friday, 18 March 2011

TGI friday!

Swear i've waited for the arrival of the weekend for 76345 years (just slight exaggeration there ;L ) It has been such a stressful week, so much work and projects and mock exams and late late nights aaaand finally the weekend has come upon us (YAYAYAY :D ). To treat myself from this hardworking week I had a whole tub of Ben & Jerrys, I was like screw my diet, I deserve this :) Very looking forward to the weekend due to parties and meet ups, and although I have much work to do during the weekends, my priority will be socializing since this work load has made me rather mental :L

On wednesday morning when I woke up had 5 pimples on my face, and I was woahhh, i never hardly ever breakout. The only 2 possible things I could think of was stress or the bio oil which I have started using as part of my skin care. So on wednesday night I use my HG acne treatment and the next day the pimples reduced by sooo much, you could only see 2 of them really. And this is the amazing product i'm talking about is: Sewame anti-acne trace-free repairing serum. I bought it in Macau and I think it is only available in Asia, since i haven't seen it anywhere else. I have been using this serum for 3 years now, used around 6 tubes of this and I LOVE IT, very affordable as well. I bought mine for MOP 79 which is around £6/$10, and it works wonders :)

Also a very simple OOTD, i love this jumper since I adore batwinged or boxed sleeves. I woke up 15 mins before I had to leave so I just whacked it on then I'm good to go.

On the way back from college I took a picture of the tree as it looked pretty :) (well everything looked pretty to me knowing that its the weekend :) )

Any plans for the weekends guys? :D


Monday, 14 March 2011

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX Review~

I got Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX during Christmas in Macau (for those who don't know its next to HK and I was born + raised there ^^ ) for MOP190 which works out to be around £15. I have seen them available on ebay as well as 

This is my last step of my skin care routine, locking in all the moisture. It suggests you to use around 2.5cm in diameter of product for face and neck. After applying it I go to bed have a good night sleep and the next morning I'd rinse my face. After rinsing my face it feels extremely soft and supple, like baby's skin, all bright and hydrated. Another great thing about this product is that it claims to not contain any alcohol, which is rather unusual for Laneige products. 

I have been using it for a little over 3 months now and have used more than half of the bottle.

The smell - I really like the smell of this, infact I like the smell of all laneige products. It doesn't have a strong smell, it just has a very mild clean fresh smell to it.

The packaging- I love the packaging, like I like all laneige's packaging. It is very sturdy with a weight to it which I like. It is just very simple and pretty packaging. It also comes with a scoop which is good for hygiene purpose.

The texture- The texture is amazing, it is a very light weighted gel that absorbs very quickly, leaving no residue. And it isn't sticky or greasy at the slightest, even if you put a lot of it on.

All in all I love this product as it just makes your skin feel soo soft and bright next morning, and I think this is best for the winter seasons when your skin needs that extra bit of hydration. Have already asked my momma to buy a back up for me as she is on a business trip in Macau. This product get a 5/5 from me :)


I love my postman.... VS body mists :)

Something came through the post today...again. I think the postman should be getting sick at seeing me and my amazing apple pjs :P
Anywayss the package was from the US and it was 3 Victoria Secret body mists I ordered around 2 weeks ago. These are so popular and so raved upon I had to get my hands on them off ebay (my best friend ;P ) I bought 3 of them and my friend bought 3, for 6 body mists it cost about £36 including shipping which isn't too bad.
The smells I got were Lost in Fantasy, Coconut Passion and Amber Romance, they come in large 250ml bottles so should last me a veryyyy long time.

Lost in Fantasy is a blend of passionfruit, Brazilian orchid and warm musk. To me the passionfruit smell is the strongest. It smells very very fruity. Like VERY fruity. I do like my fruity scents but this seemed a little too overpowering at first. But it soon (around 15 mins) dies down to a more subtle fruity scent. Reminds of the summer and Im looking forward to summer's arrival.

Coconut Passion is blend of vanilla, coconut and lily-of-the-valley. I was most looking forward to this scent as I LOVE the smell and coconut and Vanilla so surely this would be the perfect scent for me. But sadly this was rather disappointing. Maybe it just didn't work with my chemistry as it smelt rather plasticy and not at all the sweet vanilla coconut I was hoping for. So I guess this would just sit in my collection, or i'd just sell it on ebay.

Amber Romance is blend of black cherry, crème anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood. This is by far my favorite out of the 3 I got, its hard to explain its scent. But it isn't too sweet and very suitable for my everyday smell. I think this is more suitable for the winter and Autumn season. I feel like wearing this on cooler days (which is atm since the UK weather still isn't deciding to give me spring) But yes I do like the smell of it :)
This is where i got my VS body splashes:fruzzy_in_usa

A little OOTD and FOTD
Top, shorts + white socks from Topshop. tights were from M&S

This is my beloved Chocolate Lab Max, I genuinly think he is one of the most attractive dogs I've seen :L


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday stroll to Boots

I went to boot this afternoon, mainly wanting to get a bottle of Bio oil to try as i heard such great things on how good it improved people's skin as well as getting rid of stretch marks. I have a lot of stretch marks as I gained a lot of weight in these 3 years of being in UK (om nomnom food) I am currently trying to lose weight to get ready for the summer season and hopefully the bio oil will work wonders getting me prepared for some bikini timez :)
Anywaysss this is what I got

Im rather excited to try the St Ives Apricot Scrub as great things were said about that aswell, i got mine in mild just so that it wouldn't be so harsh on the skin. 
I got the 125ml size bio oil, which is the medium bottle and I found the £15 price tag rather hefty, so hopefully it is effective and worth da monay.
Also got 3 Revlon colorburst lipstick, but somehow I can't find the other one. The other color I got was in Carnation, I had no intention of buying carnation but Boots were doing 3 for 2 for Revlon products as well as 3 for 2 on selected skin + hair care products.

On the left is the color Peach and right is the color Blush

I do really like these lipsticks, they are very creamy and I like both colours. Especially Peach, which would be perfect for the coming spring and summer. Another thing I like is the packaging, I find it simple and classy and loving the quilt effect on them. I would probably go and check the other colors available as the Boots near me only had 5 to choose from.


My first time...

Hello this is my first post, so im a complete newbie at this. Drew a little hello picture for the lols ;) Added a cheeky kiss there, you guys feeling the love? :) 
So I'll be posting on beauty related things like product reviews aswell as OOTD and perhaps some photography and art work. 
Would be nice to meet new people here :)

And to introduce myself im 18, name Alex although friends do call me Choi. Currently doing my A levels and tbh rather clueless on what im doing next year. Hopefully through blogging i'll be inspired and figure things out.

This is a cheeky little picture of me, i actually rather dislike taking picture, so this was a challenge for me :L I felt so vain ;) And i was makeup-less aswell

And as the weather was rather lovely today, it felt like summer was just round the corner, so i drew this little summer flower :)