Monday, 14 March 2011

I love my postman.... VS body mists :)

Something came through the post today...again. I think the postman should be getting sick at seeing me and my amazing apple pjs :P
Anywayss the package was from the US and it was 3 Victoria Secret body mists I ordered around 2 weeks ago. These are so popular and so raved upon I had to get my hands on them off ebay (my best friend ;P ) I bought 3 of them and my friend bought 3, for 6 body mists it cost about £36 including shipping which isn't too bad.
The smells I got were Lost in Fantasy, Coconut Passion and Amber Romance, they come in large 250ml bottles so should last me a veryyyy long time.

Lost in Fantasy is a blend of passionfruit, Brazilian orchid and warm musk. To me the passionfruit smell is the strongest. It smells very very fruity. Like VERY fruity. I do like my fruity scents but this seemed a little too overpowering at first. But it soon (around 15 mins) dies down to a more subtle fruity scent. Reminds of the summer and Im looking forward to summer's arrival.

Coconut Passion is blend of vanilla, coconut and lily-of-the-valley. I was most looking forward to this scent as I LOVE the smell and coconut and Vanilla so surely this would be the perfect scent for me. But sadly this was rather disappointing. Maybe it just didn't work with my chemistry as it smelt rather plasticy and not at all the sweet vanilla coconut I was hoping for. So I guess this would just sit in my collection, or i'd just sell it on ebay.

Amber Romance is blend of black cherry, crème anglaise, vanilla and sandalwood. This is by far my favorite out of the 3 I got, its hard to explain its scent. But it isn't too sweet and very suitable for my everyday smell. I think this is more suitable for the winter and Autumn season. I feel like wearing this on cooler days (which is atm since the UK weather still isn't deciding to give me spring) But yes I do like the smell of it :)
This is where i got my VS body splashes:fruzzy_in_usa

A little OOTD and FOTD
Top, shorts + white socks from Topshop. tights were from M&S

This is my beloved Chocolate Lab Max, I genuinly think he is one of the most attractive dogs I've seen :L



  1. You are so cute. Love your blog, honey.

    Thanks for stopping by mine. Looking forward to seeing and hearing more og you.
    Karoline Kalvo

  2. This outfit is super cutee:)

    btw I emailed you:)

  3. I adore Victoria secret :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog sweety.


  4. Awwwiess you look so cute ^^
    And I love labradorsss they are so loyal..
    Have you seend this Japanese movie 'Quill'? It's about a story of a labrador from puppy till day he dies.
    Super sad yet beautiful movie.


  5. what a pretty, pretty dog! i have a black lab who gives the same exact face when i take his picture! labs are definitely the best!

  6. You're so cute! & I love how you always take pictures of your dog :D
    (we can be followers if you want ;) ) bisous

  7. Oh my goodness! I love their body mists!
    BTW, you look absolutely stunning in this FOTD! (esp your lips are so cute!)