Thursday, 31 March 2011

If the sun doesn't come to me, I'll go to the sun...

Ahahaa think you guys can tell my excitement there :L I'll be missing one week of college (which is reaaally not ideal, since I'm rather behind in pretty much everything atm :/ ) But yea going to PORTUGAL babyyy :)) I'll be visiting the fam, and going for my nan's 80th birthday (which means mother will be spending her birthday on her own in macau, blesss) plus passport needs renewing.
Anyways last time I been to Portugal was christmas of 2009 so I'm rather excited to see all my cous and friends :)  According to the weather man it was 26 degrees in portugal today so hopefully the sun will keep shining when I get there :) I'm going with my dad and we're staying at my nan's, which means no internet, I'll try to post new posts, but don't count my words on that :L
Today it was raining and gloomy, and I thought what better thing to do than hit town and do some shopping. As much as I love shopping with my friends, I enjoy shopping on my own more, especially on a rainy day (yes I'm a loner ;L ) Its just that you can look at things at your own pace and spend as much (or as little) time you want at a shop. 
I didn't buy much at all, and nothing especially either as I'm savin the haulin for the holidays :)
Just the necessities; legging, tank, a pink crop top and chiffon blouse.
Scrabble necklace from ebay, to accompany my 'C' scrabble ring :P
Ring from topshop, I bought this for a friend in christmas for £7.75 in christmas with student discount, got it for £3.82, scoooore :)
And yes I wrote 3 different train times on my hand and STILL managed to miss the train, had to wait in the station for half an hour aswell, wasn't happy

Have been really into rings lately, don't you guys keep finding yourselves go in and out something constantly? Currently I'm really into rings and bags. My last phase was boots and perfume. Whatever phase I go through, it does no good to da bank.

Also got this in the post yesterday, a pink satchel from ebay. Reminds me a bit of the Mulberry Alexa bag, I love the Alexa bag, but the price tag I cannot afford. So I went with this instead. It was £13 including shipping which I thought was really good. It was also very well wrapped and came with a 'dust bag'. I really like it as it is really soft as well. Think I might go buy another but in tan colour as pink can be hard to match the majority of my closet :)

Aaaand thats it for now :) Love + peace + lots of sun for you guys


  1. cute handbag and I love the crop t, perfect for vacay. Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip.

  2. i love your bag. i'm gonna follow you, follow me too ;)

  3. Hope you have a fun vacation and thx for dropping by my Blog
    I follow you, hope you can do the same for me

    thx a bunch and have fun ^_^

  4. It's all amazing! :)

  5. omgosh i reli like that bag~~! which seller on ebay did you buy from?? xx

  6. Cute selection -- especially the purse. :)

  7. ring a ding ding! those rings are delish. thanks for stopping by at stolen threads.
    we hope you choose to follow.
    definitely following you

  8. Hi cutie thanks so much for the love on my blog. that bag is adorable!! have fun on your vacation :)

    im following <3


  9. I LOVE the bag! Everything about it! I've been hunting for a satchel bag, Im currently eyeing the see by chloe one but 500$ for a bag that Im not even sure it's my style is way too much so Im just putting it off for now =)

    Wow Portugal sounds exciting! Please post lots of photos when you come back! I wish I could be basking in the hot sun right now! Well, it's actually nice and sunny in Vancity today! What a surprise! I hope it lasts all weekend and into next week though =P (a lil much to ask?) Hope you have great fun on your vaca!

  10. i love the bag. inspired pieces much and ur ring:D
    have a gd trip to portugal!
    thx for dropping by to my blog :D
    come by again and follow me? i m following u now

    P.S dont forget to enter my giveaway ?

  11. ohh, i love the bag! seems very practical. hope you have an amazing trip in portugal!! it sounds like so much fun.

  12. gorgeous jewelry! & i love your pink satchel. xx

  13. Your Mulberry inspired bag is really cute, love the color. :)

    The Cat Hag

  14. Hello!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Made my day.
    Great post btw. =)

    Follow me, I'll follow you.

  15. Thank you so much <3
    I have the same ring ! Cool :)

    Follow eachother? :)

  16. I love the rings and the bag! Have fun in Portugal. Sicily isn't so bad either, if you want some sun:) Following you from Trapani, Sicily!

  17. holidays are awesome, njoy it to the max. Loving all your accessories and thanks for the sweet comment. Following you :)
    Lydz xX

  18. love the ring and the bag - so cute
    thanks for the comment on my blog
    hope you follow or we can follow each other!

  19. My phase right now is nail polish. I'm obsessed with different colors. I really like the blue ring. I hope you have fun on vacation :-)

  20. ohh I thought that is the Alexa bag! but yeah that's like 1% of the alexa price lol. I love the color of it

    and the wing ring is so cool!

    I'm your newest follower btw :)

  21. Thanks for your comment. We love the bag!

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    xoxo, Lauras.

  22. that bag is so gorgeous! have fun in portugal!

  23. YES i am loving rings right now, i just keep buying more and more. love yours here too and gorgeous bag xo

  24. awh! the bag is just the one to die for! >.<


  25. wow fabulous blog!

    i follow you! follow me back if you want ;)

    love that ring with the wings <3

  26. Love all your purchases! especially the accessories and the bag!

  27. wonderful bag ! ;o

  28. ohhhhhhh portugal!
    can't wait to see your photos from ur trip!


  29. I'm loving your pink bag so much! :D Have fun on your trip!!

  30. loooove the bag!!!

    xoxo from rome

  31. Hey Choi. How are you doing in your holidays? I just wanna tell you that you have and award waiting for you in my bog ;)


  32. happy birthday to your mom and nan! :) lovee the stuff you bough esp. the ring with the wings

  33. Love the bag!! Its so cute

  34. love the rings & great bag!
    Also love the title of this post!
    Neat post

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  35. awwww i would buy everything you bought!
    It's so girly and pretty <3
    those rings are so gorgeous ^_^

  36. u blog is lovely! the photos look great
    check out mine too if u want


  37. Hey, thanks for your super nice comment! Your blog is very cute. I really enjoy looking through your pictures. This one is my favorite post. I love the ring with the wings.

    By the way, which seller on ebay did you buy your bag from? I would love a link or something because I am obsessed with your bag!

    Style Soufflé

  38. Gorgeous rings, and I love the bag too!
    i can't believe you got to see Paul McCartney preform!! Im so jealous! hahaha

  39. Nice ring! Maybe we can follow each other?

  40. love the jewellery!! =)