Sunday, 24 July 2011

Life as we know it

Sooo my house is currently quite the chaotic mess atm as I'm moving house on Tuesday, gahh so soon yet still so much to pack! I still haven't touched the study room yet and that's where most packing is needed as it's just filled with document, papers; a lot of them, books and all that shtuff :O 
Anyways I think I can claim to be a house moving pro? this will be my 5th move in 4 years, yeaaaa I know, crazy. But its not the most enjoyable of processes as its just sooo hectic. But its also interesting as you rediscover so many things, like clothes you didn't know you own or were from the ancient timez. Old toys and junk and notes friends wrote to you. That's why it takes me ages to pack, I just get so distracted by the things I find :L

One of the things I found were these glasses, still had the tag on and everything :L oh and I do luuurve my socks :L

Aha another 'treasure' that I found, my co-workers gave it to me when I had my internship in ShangHai :)

One of the many boxes of well random shtuff

Aaaand I had a hair cut today, i really don't like going to hair dresser, I always want a change or have a hair cut in mind, I tell them what I want and it NEVER turns out they way I want it to. I think especially at more pricier hair dressers they lit just do what they want or what they think looks good. 
So I asked for layers, and for the longest layer to be the length of my hair atm that took me 6 months of grow out. Yeaaa no that didn't happen :/ it is now shorter than what I had 6 months ago :| dayumm the long and slow process of hair growth starts again :L

This is my old hair, yes i look ghostly but yea you can't see well but it was quite long and wavy. Sorry for the quality, it was take with photobooth at night

And this is my new hair, its not thaaat bad, just not what I wanted. I think I look like a child...
What do you guys think?

Aaand my summer has been sooo unproductive so far, it literally just consists of packing, meeting friends and nights out. I mean its not bad or boring by any means, but I wanted to do something more productive like learn something or find a job, just use my time wisely and not just faf and have fun all summer :)


Friday, 8 July 2011

Topshop blushes review~

Before the review I'll just put it out there that I luuuurve these blushes, literally one of my holy grail blushes, I use these on a daily basis and to me they are must haves! 
GO BUY THEM, YOU'LL NEVER REGRET! ok end of review ;)

From L-R: Nutmeg, Flush, Neon rose, butterscotch, head over heels

Packaging: I like the packaging, it is very cute and very compact, also comes with a mirror which is handy. But it does get gruby quite easily. Although it feels rather light and plasticy, but overall I like the packaging. I can easily just pop it in the bag.

Out of the 7 colours topshop came out with, I have 5 of the colours. The ones I'm missing is pinch and berry crush, I'm thinking of getting pinch which is a very bright redish/pink colour, but blends to a very nice 'pinched' cheek colour as the name suggests.

Anyways to the colours I have:
Nutmeg, a nice nudish browny pink

Flush, a very pretty pink colour

Neon rose, very similar to flush, but has a more reddish tone to it, its brighter colour than flush

Head over heels, my newest addition, pinkish/coralish colour. It is also similar to flush. 

Butterscotch, more like a highlighter with very pretty gold flecks, the colour doesn't really show up on my skin tone that obviously

These blushes are a cream to powder formula, I love the creamy texture and then it blends so easily. It also lasts quite well, around 3 hours, which is very good for me as blushes never really last more than 2 hours on me. 
These blushes are £6 each, which is a very reasonable price, considering that some topshop clothing are over priced. As much as I love topshop clothing, some of the things are really over priced. And as I have NUS student card I get 10% off so I get them for £5.40 each, basically bargain!
From L-R: Head over heels, butterscotch, neon rose, flush, nutmeg

The blushes blended out

So yea like I said from the very beginning of the post, I LOVE these! cute packaging, reasonable price, lovely colours, great texture, easily blendable and easily buildable. 

Topshop come out with more colours!! would love a bright coral/orangy colour

Rating: 5/5 :)


Saturday, 2 July 2011

I was kidnapped...

No not really, just really busy. So yea have disappeared from blogging world for over 2 months, but now im back :)
So just a catch up of these 2 months:

  • Just finished my exams, had 9 of them so it was rather hardcore
  • During my exam period I was literally addicted to online shopping, espesh topshop and asos, just shopped all my monay away :\ so I have started a bet with a friend that started from yesterday to see who can last longest without buying anything. Whoever loses has to pay from cinema, meal and drinks, and Im not gonna pay for that :L
  • Had my birthday on the 17th of June, and dayumm am I old, 19 last teenage year :O Nothing spesh happened as I had an exam the day before and 2 days after, just chillin with fam and friends
  • I bought a bestival ticket :D for those who don't know its a music fest on the isle of wight, rather indie music. sooo excited :)) Anyone else going?
  • oh my last post 2 months ago I said I was going to London for few days, it was wickeddd :L clubbing everynight till 6am don't know how my liver handled :L
  • I'm doing a third year in college...yea I know... but I needed more time to decided what I wanted to do in uni and build a design portfolio before I go to uni
  • On to the weather, british weather has been awful, it like our summer was in April and lasted for few weeks. It has improved these few days but still massively disappointed. I bought so many pairs of shorts yet haven't had a chance to whack them on. Maate gimme my summer!
  • I got a macbook pro :)) my macbook just decided to die and stop working, so I had to get a new lappie. Have been wanting a new one for a while so perfect timing for my old one to break down :L
  • For those that remembered I had a post on dieting, yea that was a fail during exams, i was so stressed that I just binged. But yea Im starting again :) let's do it togez for those on dieting path.
  • On to a rather big news well big to me anyways. My parents are moving back to Macau due to work sooo I'll be living on my own :O Its both very exciting yet intimidating at the same time. on the 21st I'll be moving into my apartment, gahh so exciting :D but sadly I'll have to give my dog away :'( as its not fair on the dog to live in an apartment and I will be in college daily till 4ish, so its not fair for the dog to be locked in all day. So yeaa we are hoping to find him a good owner, but I'm gonna miss him so much :((

So yeaa thats pretty much a condensed summary of my past 2 months, how has everyone else been? 

Im gonna miss you :'(

OOTD, nice breezy weather today :)