Friday, 8 July 2011

Topshop blushes review~

Before the review I'll just put it out there that I luuuurve these blushes, literally one of my holy grail blushes, I use these on a daily basis and to me they are must haves! 
GO BUY THEM, YOU'LL NEVER REGRET! ok end of review ;)

From L-R: Nutmeg, Flush, Neon rose, butterscotch, head over heels

Packaging: I like the packaging, it is very cute and very compact, also comes with a mirror which is handy. But it does get gruby quite easily. Although it feels rather light and plasticy, but overall I like the packaging. I can easily just pop it in the bag.

Out of the 7 colours topshop came out with, I have 5 of the colours. The ones I'm missing is pinch and berry crush, I'm thinking of getting pinch which is a very bright redish/pink colour, but blends to a very nice 'pinched' cheek colour as the name suggests.

Anyways to the colours I have:
Nutmeg, a nice nudish browny pink

Flush, a very pretty pink colour

Neon rose, very similar to flush, but has a more reddish tone to it, its brighter colour than flush

Head over heels, my newest addition, pinkish/coralish colour. It is also similar to flush. 

Butterscotch, more like a highlighter with very pretty gold flecks, the colour doesn't really show up on my skin tone that obviously

These blushes are a cream to powder formula, I love the creamy texture and then it blends so easily. It also lasts quite well, around 3 hours, which is very good for me as blushes never really last more than 2 hours on me. 
These blushes are £6 each, which is a very reasonable price, considering that some topshop clothing are over priced. As much as I love topshop clothing, some of the things are really over priced. And as I have NUS student card I get 10% off so I get them for £5.40 each, basically bargain!
From L-R: Head over heels, butterscotch, neon rose, flush, nutmeg

The blushes blended out

So yea like I said from the very beginning of the post, I LOVE these! cute packaging, reasonable price, lovely colours, great texture, easily blendable and easily buildable. 

Topshop come out with more colours!! would love a bright coral/orangy colour

Rating: 5/5 :)



  1. so many blushes!!!! so pretty.. they look very creamy and blendable.. i can't wait to move to europe so i can shop at top shop!! woot!

  2. I loveee blushes! These colors are great. Thank you for the comment and don't forget to follow :)

  3. great review! at that price, i'll definitely have to try some. xx

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  5. i never knew top shop sold make up! I haven't been to one in about 2 years...
    the blushes are really lovely and they do blend very well! No wonder you are in love with them! The Neon Rose has to be my fav from these pics :D

    Love your blog, new follower :3

  6. Gorgeous shades!! I have yet to try Topshop makeup.. but I really love the packaging! Ooo sorry to hear about the H&M blouse.. it's so disappointing when that happens!! :/

  7. i am, thank you! you have a really nice blog, good to know you're back here :)

  8. Great post! Thanks for your comment! I simply used my false-nail glue and every shimmery thing I could find to pimp up my BB;)

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  9. These are so pretty! I've never tried a cream blush before though!

    Meanz (Koi Story)

  10. Wow, great review :)))

    LOVE from Germany

  11. nice review. glad to know that cheap makeup can be good still! xx opinionslave

  12. thanks for your comment on my blog, nice blog btw. nice to know you too dear ;)

  13. all those shades are lovely!

  14. i love blushes! they're polka dot casing are so cute!

  15. Blush is one of my favorite things to wear, thanks for the review :)

  16. pretty colors. xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway for a $225 Orient Watch if you'd like to check it out. x

  17. hi! thx so much for following, I've just follow you back :) btw nice colors!

  18. aamazing shades of pink!
    lovee it
    Thanks for the amazing comment babe

    i have a New outfit post - New Blouse!

  19. awesome review! i love blushes too!

  20. Gosh I love a good blush. The little polka dot packaging is super cute too!

  21. Ive never wore blush in my whole life, but this is tempting. Awesome review as well!


  22. I think the packaging is cute, too. I like the little dots

  23. I like flush and butterscotch, might have to invest

  24. hehe such cute packaging!!! my fave out of all of them is the neon rose one :)

  25. Great review!

  26. nice shades!!! cute packaging!!! it's perfect!!!