Friday, 18 March 2011

TGI friday!

Swear i've waited for the arrival of the weekend for 76345 years (just slight exaggeration there ;L ) It has been such a stressful week, so much work and projects and mock exams and late late nights aaaand finally the weekend has come upon us (YAYAYAY :D ). To treat myself from this hardworking week I had a whole tub of Ben & Jerrys, I was like screw my diet, I deserve this :) Very looking forward to the weekend due to parties and meet ups, and although I have much work to do during the weekends, my priority will be socializing since this work load has made me rather mental :L

On wednesday morning when I woke up had 5 pimples on my face, and I was woahhh, i never hardly ever breakout. The only 2 possible things I could think of was stress or the bio oil which I have started using as part of my skin care. So on wednesday night I use my HG acne treatment and the next day the pimples reduced by sooo much, you could only see 2 of them really. And this is the amazing product i'm talking about is: Sewame anti-acne trace-free repairing serum. I bought it in Macau and I think it is only available in Asia, since i haven't seen it anywhere else. I have been using this serum for 3 years now, used around 6 tubes of this and I LOVE IT, very affordable as well. I bought mine for MOP 79 which is around £6/$10, and it works wonders :)

Also a very simple OOTD, i love this jumper since I adore batwinged or boxed sleeves. I woke up 15 mins before I had to leave so I just whacked it on then I'm good to go.

On the way back from college I took a picture of the tree as it looked pretty :) (well everything looked pretty to me knowing that its the weekend :) )

Any plans for the weekends guys? :D



  1. Ooh I really like your outfit!

    Thanks for your sweet comment :)

  2. oo! Thanks for the heads up on the serum!! Ive never seen it around in Aus though 8(
    and besides that, I love your outfit!! Reminds me of Hyori Lee in one of her Hey Mr Big! performances :) I cant find the vid to show you 8(


  3. I love, love love your batwing boxy top!!!Just my style!

  4. and now its already saturday!:)

  5. I love your boots/Booties?! Where did you get them from!
    Let me know~ Deb.

  6. i love batwinged tops too!! they are so warm and makes me feel like i actually do have wings! lol

    enjoy your weekend!

  7. love your outfit! ^_^ have a great weekend! :3

  8. such a nice outfit. i want both the boots and the tunic.
    hope you're enjoying your weekend


  9. I know I'm always looking forward to the w/e and it always goes so fast!!! fun pics :)

  10. It looks like a very stressful week... Lucky there is a nice weekend!
    Love your outfit.
    Love your blog.

    Thanks for your comment

    What do you think about following each other?


  11. thanks for your nice comment!! love your boots :) xx

  12. That batwing jumper is gorgeous! Such a lovely thing to just throw on in a hurry! Cute boots as well! :) Have a lovely weekend! :D


  13. that jumper is so comfy looking on you.

  14. Espero que hayas disfrutado de tu fin de semana!!!
    te sigo!!!
    Loca por lo tacones

  15. I couldn't wait for the weekend to come either... and it's almost gone :( (cry)
    Thanks for your comment :) loved it!
    (I'll follow by the way :)

  16. i love your outfit, it looks so comfy!
    ♡, Rosa T.

  17. thanks for the swell comment!♥ Followed you by the way! :)

    hugs and be safe!

  18. aw thanks so much lovely for visiting my blog! :) i'm now following yours :), if you'd like, you can follow mine too :). and wow i love your style girl, its everything i love, loose-fitted tops, and skinny jeans/leggings! loves it ;). and omg i need that pimple cream haha, i get a lot from being stressed sometimes :(. but neways, hope you had a lovely weekend girl! :)

    <3, Kathleen.

  19. ♥Love your blog♥

  20. Thank you!!! :***
    I follow your blog now, maybe you also want to follow mine? :)


  21. Thanks for the brain storms. It has been fun to let it all hang out. This was a no-holds-barred mental jamboree that will be missed.
    Wedding Dresses
    Very nice , I shall try.. Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!
    Sweet memories.

  22. hehe:) hope you're having a good week so far!