Sunday, 13 March 2011

My first time...

Hello this is my first post, so im a complete newbie at this. Drew a little hello picture for the lols ;) Added a cheeky kiss there, you guys feeling the love? :) 
So I'll be posting on beauty related things like product reviews aswell as OOTD and perhaps some photography and art work. 
Would be nice to meet new people here :)

And to introduce myself im 18, name Alex although friends do call me Choi. Currently doing my A levels and tbh rather clueless on what im doing next year. Hopefully through blogging i'll be inspired and figure things out.

This is a cheeky little picture of me, i actually rather dislike taking picture, so this was a challenge for me :L I felt so vain ;) And i was makeup-less aswell

And as the weather was rather lovely today, it felt like summer was just round the corner, so i drew this little summer flower :)



  1. Welcome to blogosphere Choi !! ^__^ I hope you will enjoy it very much.. I started out almost a year ago.. And although I don't really have an established blog yet, I still enjoy posting and learning from new friends.

  2. welcome to the blogging world (:
    and keep it up...i might pass by every now and then..and say hi to Uk for me! i miss UK!!