Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ok, I'm actually going to stick to it this time

I have been 'going on a diet' for like forever, but it never works, like ever. I just go oooo some ice cream and chocolate won't hurt, I'll just start tomorrow. I think i have been saying "ok I'll officially start my diet tomorrow' for the past 2 years now. This time, I actually want to do it and stick to it till I reach my ideal weight and figure, I'm sick of procrastinating and then hating on my figure and just be angry at why I allowed myself to become like this. I thought if I blogged about it, I will stay motivated as I'll be  monitoring my change, as well as sharing the results with all you guys.
Some background story, so I came to UK 3 and a half years. Back then I had such fast metabolism, ate all the crap I want and never gained any weight. Well then again I was also  a very active being back then. But ever since I came to the UK i put on 10kg, and I just see myself enlarging gradually, and my clothes not fitting me anymore. In my closet my jeans range from 3 different dress sizes, and I don't wear jeans anymore as it sucks to know you have once again outgrown those pairs as well. That really beats you down and is so disheartening. So yea summer is coming along, and I'm going back to Macau, when I went back during Christmas all my friends were like :O you are so fat. And yes it hurts, but then again I'll use it as a motivator. So when I go back to to Macau in summer I wanna be like boo yeaaaaaa suckas :L
So from today I'll start healthy eating as well as actually doing some proper exercise. I have already bought a workout DVD off the internet and am planning to go swimming weekly. 

Things I'm sticking to:

  • Daily exercise
  • No junk ie. chocolate, ice creams... (that's gonna be hard)
  • Eat less white bread and rice 
  • Drink lots of water
  • Try to restrain to 1500 calories a day
My goal? To lose 8 kg in 3 months

So let's get ready for da bikini season :D And good luck to those that are on weight lost journey as well, lets do this together :)
You guys have any suggestions and advice? :))

(sorry for the very very wordy post)



  1. Good luck with this! I'm trying to do the same!

  2. Good luck lovely. I am currently doing the same and I am finding it hard to stay focused. xoxo

  3. good luck, i know you'll be able to do it! just stick with it :)


  4. I have problems with my weight as well. Whenever I lose weight, it comes back a month later plus more. Plus I never stick to a diet because none of my friends don't really support me. I'm on a diet and exercise plan right now for prom and summer. Good luck on your diet :)

  5. good luck chica.. i'm on a diet too.. i just try not to eat anything white.. white bread/white pasta/white noodles/white rice.. ect. if you up your portein intake it'll make you feel full longer. :)

  6. I wish you good luck with your diet plan! It seems promising and you'd be surprised by how much your weight can change by just cutting out junk food itself! I also wish I had my high school metabolism and skin back! Whenever I ate fries back them I never broke out but now I do and I moderate my deep fried food intake now LOL

    Oh and definitely keep us posted! I think taking "before" and "after" photos is really motivating as well!

  7. Good luck!!! You can do it!!! xoxo

  8. ooh, i'm on a diet right now too, because i ate so much before because of procrastinating from my assignments! the quickest diet i know of is the liquid diet, so i'm going to do this for one week, to lose all the excess water retention that makes us bloated figure-wise. Regular exercise is good, i recommend circuit training (sets of 10 sit-ups and squats etc)
    good luck to us all :D x

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  10. you don't need a diet, i've seen your photos, you look gorgeous!
    i've told myself to diet so many times as well, never worked out and i also procrastinated too much.
    no ice cream and chocolate is going to be hard :(
    good luck to you though!

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  12. Good luck! Yeah, I've been failing miserably with trying to keep a workout schedule! hopefully things will look up soon!


  13. Good luck! I went on a diet once and stuck with it for two years! - then I gave up..tee hee, but I know that when you put your mind to it, it is doable!

    Kudos to you - happy blogging!

    - Che -


  14. Good luck!!! I'm also slimming down for my wedding, so know how you feel!

  15. :O Ohhh my god!!! I love yourrrr blog!!! i follow you :D
    Kisssss from spain! muakkk

  16. GOOD LUCK! I'm embarking on a similar journey if you want to read about it :):)

  17. hey! Thanks for your comment I'm happy you like them;) I got them here in Munich at 'Galeria Kaufhof', it's a great shopping center but I don't think there are one s in GB... Kisses Nini

  18. good luck in your training! I can't believe your friends told you straight up that you gained weight -_- I hope this all works out for you and I'm sure it will!

  19. Good luck - I'm not good at pulling something through!!

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  20. tagged your post to my diet post :]
    gud luck x


  21. Good luck! ;) I'm also trying to lose a couple kg for swim suit season. I really like the Elle McPherson workout DVD called The Body. It's lots of fun to do and you end working pretty much every muscle in your body! Which workout DVD did you buy?

  22. HEE HEE HEE Well if you come during the winter I might have to go Granville Island more frequently then LOL There always seems to be a traffic jam in the parking areas there! But I do love the free parking kekeke just gotta be an aggressive driver to get it though =( It's shame you won't be coming in the summer, it's when the city is at it's prettiest =)

    yes yes! Please do keep us updated on your diet plan!

  23. you look fab already!! but being healthy is great..cute romper.

    xo Lisa